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本文摘要:Symphony, the messaging tool backed by some of Wall Street’s biggest banks, has struck a deal with Dow Jones to offer news content in its service, a move that raises the stakes in its battle with Bloomberg, the market leader.多家华尔街大银行出资创建的通


Symphony, the messaging tool backed by some of Wall Street’s biggest banks, has struck a deal with Dow Jones to offer news content in its service, a move that raises the stakes in its battle with Bloomberg, the market leader.多家华尔街大银行出资创建的通信工具Symphony与道琼斯公司(Dow Jones)达成协议一项交易,后者将向前者的服务获取新闻内容。凭借此举,Symphony提升了与市场领跑者彭博(Bloomberg)对局的赌局。

The content deal — likely to be unveiled this week — pits Dow Jones, part of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, against Michael Bloomberg’s eponymous company, the world’s largest financial information group.这笔很有可能将于本周发布的内容交易,让鲁珀特默多克(Rupert Murdoch)的新闻集团(News Corp)旗下的道琼斯,与迈克尔布隆伯格(Michael Bloomberg)旗下的彭博车站到了对立面。彭博是世界仅次于的金融资讯集团,以布隆伯格本人的名字命名。All of Dow Jones’s newswire articles — including journalism produced by the Wall Street Journal newspaper — will be available on Symphony’s nascent service, according to people familiar with the situation. Dow Jones and Symphony declined to comment.知情人士回应,道琼斯通讯社(Dow Jones Newswires)的全部文章——还包括《华尔街日报》(WSJ)的新闻报道——都将经常出现在Symphony问世旋即的服务中。道琼斯和Symphony皆拒绝接受置评。

Symphony has support from Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley and other Wall Street banks. It was born out of the 2013 snooping scandal, when it emerged that Bloomberg News reporters had used the company’s eponymous terminals to spy on bankers, monitoring when they had last logged on to the service. Bloomberg apologised and reviewed its practices.Symphony获得了高盛(Goldman Sachs)、摩根大通(JPMorgan)和摩根士丹利(Morgan Stanley)等华尔街银行的反对。该公司的问世源自2013年的一场监听丑闻。当年有报导称之为,彭博新闻社(Bloomberg News)的记者用于彭博终端暗地监控银行家,监控他们最后一次指定该终端的时间。


彭博后来回应了致歉并评估了自己的作法。Bloomberg’s terminals, which offer a mix of market data, news and messaging capability have made the business a global force in financial information. The company has an estimated 325,000 terminal subscribers who each pay $21,000 a year.彭博终端获取市场数据、新闻和通信功能等一整套产品,这项业务现茁壮为金融资讯领域的一支全球性力量。彭博终端约有32.5万名订户,每名订户缴纳的年费为2.1万美元。

But it is facing challenges on several fronts. Money.Net, a start-up created by a former Bloomberg executive, offers a browser-based financial information service for a significantly cheaper price, while Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg’s biggest rival, appears to have turned a corner after a difficult few years.但是,彭博现在在多个领域面对挑战。一名前彭博高管创建的创业型企业Money.Net,以较低得多的价格获取基于浏览器的金融资讯,而彭博的仅次于竞争对手汤森路透(Thomson Reuters)在经历数年的困境后,或许早已走进了谷底。

Symphony hopes to compete with Bloomberg in communications. It is offering a secure chat facility, one of the Bloomberg service’s most prized — and used — features.Symphony期望在通信方面与彭博竞逐。该公司获取一种安全性聊天功能,而聊天功能正是彭博服务中最不受赞扬、使用者最少的功能之一。The Symphony deal gives News Corp a new revenue stream for Dow Jones, which was the default newswire on Thomson Financial’s data terminals before the latter’s 2007 merger with Reuters. Dow Jones was acquired by Mr Murdoch for $5.7bn the same year, although the deal was later followed by a $2.8bn write-off.与Symphony达成协议的这项协议使得新闻集团为道琼斯修筑了一项新的收益来源。在2007年汤姆森金融(Thomson Financial)与路透(Reuters)拆分之前,道琼斯曾是汤姆森金融数据终端的配置文件新闻资讯提供商。

某种程度是在2007年,默多克耗资57亿美元并购了道琼斯,但该交易后来造成28亿美元资产被减记。About 80 per cent of Bloomberg’s revenue comes from its subscribers. Its news operation, which contributes a small percentage of company revenues, is in a period of transition following the return of Mr Bloomberg as chief executive and the recent appointment of John Micklethwait as editor in chief.彭澎湃大约80%的营收来自于其终端订户。彭博新闻业务在公司总营收中占比很低。


在布隆伯格新的兼任首席执行官和不久前任命约翰猠克尔思韦特(John Micklethwait)为总编辑后,彭博新闻业务目前于是以处在转型期。The company is rethinking its news operation following several splashy hires and the creation of Bloomberg Media, which encompasses magazines, television and a free digital operation.在展开了几次令人瞩目的聘用和创立涵括杂志、电视及一项免费数字业务的彭博媒体(Bloomberg Media)后,彭博正开始反省其新闻业务。

Mr Micklethwait recently told Bloomberg employees in an internal memo that the company’s purpose was “to be the definitive ‘chronicle of capitalism’ — to capture everything that mattered in global business and finance”.米克尔思韦特近来在一份内部备忘录中告诉他彭博员工,该公司的目标是“沦为权威的‘资本主义编年史’,捕猎全球商业和金融领域的一切大事”。